Practical Meditation
ggIn Asia for thousands of years, teachers and spiritual seekers were sustained by donations from everybody they came across. All people gave food and shelter, and sometimes they gave land for monasteries and schools - and in return the teachers gave their knownledge.
To this day, in India and South East Asia, it is still the Buddhist tradition to give to monks and teachers, to help them to live comfortably.
In that spirit I would, in a perfect world, prefer to give everything I do away, and subsist on donations. In fact, when I first began to teach meditation and counsel I tried to do just that and it failed. I could not live on the little people gave me.
It was not that people did not want to give, but more that they simply forgot because in the West donating does not immediately come to mind unless it is made obvious - and I am not one to ask.
Westerners don't donate - they pay. Which isn't bad - it's simply different - the way we have been socially conditioned. Our way is to pay for everything. This is what we expect. Indeed, we even value things in terms of how much it cost.
So I try to straddle the two ways. I ask reasonable payment for my services to corporations or wealthy individuals - but for those who cannot pay, I give the training and learning materials for nothing.
And in return I offer you the option of giving to help me.

So if you can, please give something toward these two objectives. Thank you.
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