Practical Meditation
Video Clips


 If you've got a spare 2 hours or so, watch this extraordinary movie.  It's called 'Zeitgeist', and even if you don't agree with the information it conveys, still it is enough to consider the possibilities.


 - an exquisite movie about our relationship with our planet. Balanced, informative and beautifully filmed, it lays no blame, but simply makes the case that the cause and effect of time and our own development has put our future at risk.  Ends optimistically. Can be seen at the following link:
The following clips are quite amazing, and link very well with what I write about in 'Love & Imagination' concenring the use of imagination in meditation - or 'streaming' as I call it.
The root notion is that, though our cultural history has taught us that all is physical, and mind simply provides the commentary and memories, it's actually the opposite way around.  All is mind, and the body provides the commentary - that is to say, the body is a reflection of our mentality. As such, the body reacts not only to its physical environment, but also to it's mental environment as if it were a present time reality - making the use of imagination an extremely important tool.
There are three parts to this video which in total runs for about 45 minutes.