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Every so often I write a song. Considering it was my vocation and career in my 20's it's now become an occasional enjoyment. So here are my songs, recorded by me on my acoustic guitar into a laptop, or an iRiver MP3 player in whatever hotel room I find myself in. I hope you enjoy them.




A girlfriend once said the happiest she ever saw me was when I was painting. don't do much of it these days, but when I do it comes from a place weithin me that feels very good, I know that. And one of the benefits of being older now, than when I was an art student, I no longer worry about whether they are any good. I make them because I love making them.




Ever since I got my first box camera when I was a kid I've loved taking pictures of abstract 'things' - marks on walls, a shadow, textures. Trouble with abstract photos though, was that what came back from the chemist on paper was never as beautiful as my eyes had seen.  But now, with digital cameras the abstract photo has become especially exciting.  Digital cameras are amazing because I can use them almost to paint with light, using the camera itself like a paintbrush, in which out of focus jitters and distortions become beautiful qualities on their own.  So now I make all these photos that some people politely tell me, 'are out of focus' - but nevertheless I love them.  Those of you who have read my blog will notice that most of these appeared there ... but ... I like them ... so here they are too...