Practical Meditation






In the 80's I used to be in a band called 'The Little Heroes'.  We did okay.  Toured, lived the life, recorded and had a couple of minor hits.  

Most of the songs I wrote .. well, almost all of them, except one - but it was another time and now I find them very hard to relate to  - they sound very '80's - lots of synth, big hair and poncing about, and though it was fun for a while, now, with all the other things I've done since, that Roger is gone. 

 Strange how someone we once were can become a stranger to us.

 But there are some songs I like from that time (just click on the link and they'll play: 


One Perfect Day (1982)


Ophelia (1982)


Stay Away From Sarah (1982)


Dusseldorf  (1982)


Melbournes Not New York 1982


Watch the World (1984)


Seventh Heaven (1984)


Castles in The Air (1984 )


Modern Times (1984)_


Bon Voyage 1984


Memories 1984


After I left the band I made a desperate attempt to keep writing songs but it seemed the muse had gone, so eventually I stopped - not even playing guitar for a long time.  And in the space songwriting left I began writing books, the first of which was my novel, 'Levin's God', which, though written in 1992, was eventually published in 2004. 

But recently, while living in China, I began writing songs again.  And though I haven't had the opportunity to record them in a studio, these sketches, recorded in my apartment in Huaiyin in China on a little IRiver MP3 player, are very precious to me rough as they are.  I like them because there is something honest about them which often gets lost when a song is taken into a recording studio.  

So here are some of them, the best of the Chinese songs.  


I Pick Myself Up  2008


Travellers Heart 2005


Still Standing Still  2005


Sincerely Yours 2005


Chinese Bordello 2005


Queen of My World 2005


The Mad and Beautiful Sky 2006